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Welcome to my second Blog, where I will focus on IV mods only. For my second Blog, which features tons of SA (and a very few IV) mod, which has been opened in 2010, see here:

So what am I going to do here? Keeping you up to date with my projects for GTA IV and its DLCs and (atleast I'm planning to) for GTA V once it's out for PC. My favourite kind of mods are military related, especially aviation (which IV lacks, sadly). There's a serious lack of those mods, so I'm trying to fill this gap up. But I'm not working solely on military mods, I'm also working on planes/helis in general and a few cars I like.

See my work I have done so far here:

So, let's begin with current things. I have recently released the Cadillac Cien Concept, which can be found here:

And what is being worked on right now?

->MH-47G Chinook V2 - includes updated materials and EPM'd reardoors, which can be opened and closed

->VW W12 Nardò Concept (conversion didn't start, rims and interior not done)

->2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept (conversion didn't start, TDU 2 interior needs to be implemented, engine needs tweaks)

->Chrysler ME Four Twelve (basically finished, but I converted it from SA and still wait for permission to release it)

Mods I'm planning/considering:

-MH-X Stealth Hawk (I'm waiting for the COD: Ghosts model)

-Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

-Cadillac Sixteen Concept (model needs a lot of work, no textures, yet)

-Dodge Tomahawk

And that's it for now, we will see what gets finished and what gets lost.

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