Samstag, 23. November 2013

[REL]Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

And another one I will release on this blog first. The Chrysler ME-Four-Twelve with EPM'd spoiler. All parts can be opened, custom handling included, paintable rims and interior. No livery support for this one though. It's finished, I'm not planning to add something else, except for fixing possible bugs.

Freitag, 22. November 2013

[REL]VW Nardo

This is not entirely finished, but I'm not sure when I will get to release the whole thing. Pretty much the only thing missing is an appropriate handling.

Includes EPM, handling, carcol and vehicles.ide information.

Model is actually finished (with LOD models, etc)

Donnerstag, 14. November 2013


Welcome to my second Blog, where I will focus on IV mods only. For my second Blog, which features tons of SA (and a very few IV) mod, which has been opened in 2010, see here:

So what am I going to do here? Keeping you up to date with my projects for GTA IV and its DLCs and (atleast I'm planning to) for GTA V once it's out for PC. My favourite kind of mods are military related, especially aviation (which IV lacks, sadly). There's a serious lack of those mods, so I'm trying to fill this gap up. But I'm not working solely on military mods, I'm also working on planes/helis in general and a few cars I like.

See my work I have done so far here:

So, let's begin with current things. I have recently released the Cadillac Cien Concept, which can be found here:

And what is being worked on right now?

->MH-47G Chinook V2 - includes updated materials and EPM'd reardoors, which can be opened and closed

->VW W12 Nardò Concept (conversion didn't start, rims and interior not done)

->2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept (conversion didn't start, TDU 2 interior needs to be implemented, engine needs tweaks)

->Chrysler ME Four Twelve (basically finished, but I converted it from SA and still wait for permission to release it)

Mods I'm planning/considering:

-MH-X Stealth Hawk (I'm waiting for the COD: Ghosts model)

-Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

-Cadillac Sixteen Concept (model needs a lot of work, no textures, yet)

-Dodge Tomahawk

And that's it for now, we will see what gets finished and what gets lost.